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A nine year old boy recalls a memorable afternoon when he and a friend watched and waited as a constant procession of troop trains, with soldiers evacuated from the Dunkirk beaches, sped through Edenbridge.

‘Dozens of khaki clad soldiers leaning out of the windows waving and cheering. Many of them were wounded, bandages round their heads and arms in slings. We felt so helpless but they were all so cheerful and obviously much relieved to be back on British soil. Some stopped at Edenbridge station for water and fuel and my friend and I chatted to one group, spellbound with the stories they told.

They were our heroes and before they left, insisted on giving us mementos of the battle … I was given this army knife that I have treasured ever since.’


An Army Clasp Knife stamped with the War Office Broad Mark, 1940, and a story from the Dunkirk evacuations.

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