Hopping in the Eden Valley

L–R: Frank Tingley, Edith Greenaway and Elsie Claydon Photographer: Jerome Ltd. Image: P2002.334

Hop Picking in the Early 20th Century

The Hop Pickers, and how the Gentry 'Paid their footing'

More of the Story...

The Hop Dog, the Tally Men and Measuring the Hops

The Hop Pickers of Edenbridge

The people, the weather, the hops and the beer.

From Edenbridge to the Hop Gardens

Busy times, unusual transport

The Gardens and the Houses

The Hop Gardens and Oast Houses of Kent

Hopping at Scords Farm

Toys Hill, Bins and Pokes

Hops go to Market

Ledgers, Testing and 'Nosing'

Hopping at Penshurst

The Women, Children and Tea Chests for Play Pens

Hopping at Somerden Farm, Chiddingstone

Hop Pockets, Drays and Queen of the Hops

Hop Picking at New House Farm, Hever

Picking, Parties and Pokes

Hop Picking in WWII

Difficult times and Brave Souls

Hop Picking In Chiddingstone

Whole families come together, and colder nights of picking

Moorden Farm

The pickers of Chiddingstone Causeway

Stringing Hops at Larkins Farm, Chiddingstone, c.1930. Image: P2003.811
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