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Horse Shadow Puppet


A4 sheet of paper, A4 sheet of black card, 10 cm of sticky-backed Velcro (black), 1 x stick-on wiggly eye, 2 x paper fasteners, 2 x planter sticks


Scissors, awl and glue stick

Making up

  1. Print off the horse template onto A4 paper.
  2. Roughly cut out the head, body and legs.
  3. Stick the body parts onto coloured card.
  4. Cut around each piece accurately with a pair of scissors.
  5. Make holes in the card for the paper fasteners using an awl or the end of a pair of scissors.
  6. Place the head and legs OVER the body and push the paper fasteners through at each end. Open out the paper fasteners to secure them.
  7. Stick a wiggly eye on the horse.
  8. Fold a small piece of ‘fluffy’ Velcro around the tip of each planter stick.
  9. Stick a small piece of ‘scratchy’ Velcro on the top of the front legs and on the top of the back legs.
  10. Attach the planter sticks and waggle your horse into battle!

Download template here.




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